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Must mark this day in some way other than receipts or locker combinations. There isn't time to write, and truthfully, I may have orchestrated this in some way. I seem to have put more into my schedule today than Ryan's high school registration; perhaps to bury or buffer it underneath a pile of other things that might matter more another day. I have done all of this before; have "gotten through it" as seems to be the chosen phrase of encouragement by those who have gone before us. If I have learned one thing, it isn't the "getting through it;" it's the journey itself. And it doesn't really "go by too fast," or "end much too soon" as I myself have said many times. The truth is, it never, ever ends. There is blessedly no completion to this highest of all earthly callings. There would be no light at the end of this miraculous tunnel. Motherhood nurtures, encourages, endures; is granted emotions that God in His wisdom designed only for a mother's heart. Forever. Even if we have to cry a little in the midst of it all. And so, I will mark this day in our lives here, today, and inside my self... embracing the joy in it, sure in God's promises; trusting Him, completely, in this wonderful journey.

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Made me cry.....again! Love you, K!

July 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKevin

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